The Anxiety Society. A discipline of sound organization. Music written and performed with organic instrumentation as well as the synthetic. Compositions utilizing the recorded voice. Instrumental passages. Sound and music to accompany the moving image. Founded in Chicago, IL by: Ryan Aylward & Stephen Ciliak. 2015.



"The Anxiety Society is the retro-EDM creation of Ryan Aylward and Stephen Ciliak. Their debut EP was in late November and features a massive beat, robot sounds, and sonic creations that will keep you guessing and moving. The EP was mastered by the talented Kevin Metcalfe (Underworld, Brian Eno, Orbital) and is available for free on the duos soundlcoud" - The Deli Chicago

"This is the sort of song that just sounds right once the sun goes down and the moon is up." - James VanOsdel 101 WKQX